[Dev] Server Concerns

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Mon Nov 16 17:59:13 GMT 2015

> ok, what's using the most disk space then?  is pcr taking that much?
> there're many abandoned packages in pcr, maybe we can delete anything
> that wasn't built this year.  but how much space would that free?  can
> you provide these numbers?


12G     arch_gnu+linux_arm
10G     arch_gnu+linux_x86
24G     arch_gnu+linux_x86_community
13G     parabola_gnu+linux
59G     total


0       arch_gnu+linux_arm
5.6G    arch_gnu+linux_x86
15G     arch_gnu+linux_x86_community
8.3G    parabola_gnu+linux
4.8G    others
1.3G    pac
35G     total

Whole /src:

100M    abs
135M    abslibre
32G     backup
0       ftp
641M    git
1.6G    http
625M    mailman
97G     repo
8.0G    sql
140G    total

pcr following symlinks:

27M     pcr/os/armv7h
3.9G    pcr/os/i686
1.9G    pcr/os/x86_64

I'm not sure what to delete following these numbers.
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