[Dev] Server Concerns

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Mon Nov 16 14:13:48 GMT 2015

Luke <g4jc at openmailbox.org> writes:

> @Fauno: I checked the logs and it shows that db-cleanup is deleting old
> arm packages as well.

ok, what's using the most disk space then?  is pcr taking that much?
there're many abandoned packages in pcr, maybe we can delete anything
that wasn't built this year.  but how much space would that free?  can
you provide these numbers?

> @Florian: Blacklisting AUR would be a very large task. It would be
> easier to whitelist needed packages. Modifying yaourt to point to our
> own servers shouldn't be too big a task by comparison.

it's not a technical issue, we can setup a PUR very easily, but we have
to review/police (!) the pkgbuilds to comply with our free software
policy afterwards.  who's willing to do that work?  not me! :]

it's not only a matter of adding the license to the pkgbuild, there're
many mislicensed pkgbuilds on AUR (packager doesn't check/care, etc.)

some time ago we discussed adding an "our-freedom" package, which
blacklists AUR, so you can use any AUR helper without having to maintain
our own infrastructure.  i think it's easier to review the top AUR
packages for "freedomness" (i'm guessing not many of them are libre...)
and work from there.  i agree the whitelist approach is better, maybe we
could blacklist anything on AUR preventively (!) and start removing
packages for our-freedom's conflicts field.

i've no idea if pacman would support a single package with thousands of
conflicts.  maybe our-freedom could be a group, that installs many

just throwing ideas around, since i won't have the time to implement
them myself :P

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