[Dev] Server Concerns

Luke g4jc at openmailbox.org
Sun Nov 15 19:46:40 GMT 2015

It was brought to my attention over the past week we have been having
problems with disk space on the main server. It is grown to exceed
150GB, even after cleaning up old packages. My mirror's maximum size is
also just under 200GB. Other mirrors have already died, likely due to
the size increase.


# Parabola GNU/Linux-libre - Last Updated: Sun Nov  1 19:59:22 GMT 2015

# Location: St Petersburg, Russia Federation
# Responsible: 4096R/953311F67B9EAA23 Michael Wolf <m at mw.gg>
# Work hours: 24*7
# HTTPS cert SHA1 FF:86:EB:70:14:41:6A:FA:D1:2C:3B:A7:51:FA:0D:71:60:BC:9B:DE
Server = https://dgix.ru/mirrors/parabola/$repo/os/$arch

# Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
# Responsible: 2048R/44BC7D7F49B9A5A4 alfplayer <alfplayer at mailoo.org>
# Work hours: 24*7
Server = http://alfplayer.com/parabola/$repo/os/$arch

# Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
# Responsible: 4096R/33466E12EC7BA943 Isaac David <isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info>
# Work hours: 24*7
Server = http://parabola.isacdaavid.info:8081/$repo/os/$arch

# Location: Milan, Italy
# Responsible: 4096R/177A2DB9EA08BF5D Andrey Korobkov <korobkov at fryxell.info>
# Work hours: 24*7
# HTTPS cert SHA1 24:F2:51:EB:3C:93:AF:FC:87:6C:42:F2:85:51:9E:11:70:3C:3E:8D
# Sync source: 15,45 * * * * (UTC) via rsync://mirrors.linux.ro/parabolagnulinux/
Server = https://b.mirrors.fryxell.info/parabolagnulinux/$repo/os/$arch

Moving forward we should try to downsize, split the servers, or buy
larger space. I am bringing this up as it is currently not possible to
add any new packages of considerable size to the main repo.

One easy solution to solve the problem would be to remove PCR binaries
as they are only used by a very few in the community. We can move to an
AUR system which will consume less resources and allow users to easily
install their own packages from PCR using some Parabola-like version of

It's definately a problem we need to get under control.



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