[Dev] [donations] which entity should control the btc wallet?

Luke g4jc at openmailbox.org
Tue Nov 10 13:46:50 GMT 2015

I think that having one or two trusted delegates is a good idea, then
simply transfer/convert any of the btc needed to the ceata account and
report it as fiat when needed.

Alternatively, something like BitPay would be nice. I don't think they
support anything other than USD currently.

On 11/10/2015 08:30 AM, fauno wrote:
> so since there's been some donations in btc to buy the bbb, we were
> discussing with tiberiu which entity should manage the wallet...
> * currently, all cash donations are managed by ceata under the fiscal
>   sponsorship agreement i signed for parabola
> * except for the btc (and the fair) wallet that's being handled by me
>   as parabola delegate.
> * since btc doesn't need to be fiscally declared, i assumed we didn't
>   need to bother ceata with it.  but at the same time it's not under any
>   signed agreement, but your current trust in me.  i could use it at my
>   sole discretion or i could not be available anymore.
> * if ceata were to manage the btc donations, they'd have to convert them
>   to romanian money so it's fiscally declared.
> * having more than a single entity managing the funds could lead to
>   confusion to where the money is and how it can be handled.
> so the issue here is which entity should handle the btc donations, the
> parabola delegate or ceata?
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