[Dev] [donations] which entity should control the btc wallet?

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Tue Nov 10 13:30:01 GMT 2015

so since there's been some donations in btc to buy the bbb, we were
discussing with tiberiu which entity should manage the wallet...

* currently, all cash donations are managed by ceata under the fiscal
  sponsorship agreement i signed for parabola

* except for the btc (and the fair) wallet that's being handled by me
  as parabola delegate.

* since btc doesn't need to be fiscally declared, i assumed we didn't
  need to bother ceata with it.  but at the same time it's not under any
  signed agreement, but your current trust in me.  i could use it at my
  sole discretion or i could not be available anymore.

* if ceata were to manage the btc donations, they'd have to convert them
  to romanian money so it's fiscally declared.

* having more than a single entity managing the funds could lead to
  confusion to where the money is and how it can be handled.

so the issue here is which entity should handle the btc donations, the
parabola delegate or ceata?

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