[Dev] Let's revert and move changes introduced by bugs #645 and #677 on Iceweasel

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Wed Nov 4 21:02:40 GMT 2015

> You can set up a free IRC server, depending on entirely free
> software. You can't set up a firefox hello server depending on
> entirely free software.

Both are free but communicate with something on external servers.  You
cannot know if TokBox runs free software or not on their servers.

> TokBox is proprietary (non-free), and in the way you've described it,
> it certainly sounds like SaaSS.

It's impossible for communication services to be SaaSS according to the
definition at [0].

[0] https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/who-does-that-server-really-serve.html

> My point was, that someone, somewhere, has to run proprietary software
> on their machines in order to get FFH to work, and that's a bad thing.

Someone already runs it (or not), no one else would need to run it too.

But if the service was slower and with random delay, it would be
completely ok: we wouldn't know if it uses software or humans to perform
its API requests.
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