[Dev] Let's revert and move changes introduced by bugs #645 and #677 on Iceweasel

Josh Branning lovell.joshyyy at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 20:38:08 GMT 2015

On 04/11/15 20:30, Michał Masłowski wrote:
>> A system can be useless if it's missing a part, and without TokBox,
>> firefox hello is nothing. Therefore, I don't feel there is much of an
>> argument to be had. Firefox hello is non-free or semi-free software.
> We can apply the same argument to any other communication software.
> E.g. IRC is useless without other humans, they aren't free software.

You can set up a free IRC server, depending on entirely free software. 
You can't set up a firefox hello server depending on entirely free software.

>> TokBox does not grant it's users the four freedoms. And requiring
>> someone to set up a loop-server so that you can use firefox hello,
>> would get rid of the person who is running that server's freedoms.
> Not true: loop-server operator wouldn't run a copy of TokBox's software.
> The free software on their computer would communicate with external
> services (which "aren't free or nonfree" and which cannot be replaced by
> local software: it's not SaaSS).

TokBox is proprietary (non-free), and in the way you've described it, it 
certainly sounds like SaaSS.

My point was, that someone, somewhere, has to run proprietary software 
on their machines in order to get FFH to work, and that's a bad thing.

>> Personally, I am glad this has been removed from Iceweasel, it means
>> nobody loses their freedom.
> Except for all people who will use Skype or various other things with
> nonfree client-side code instead.

Or any other free service/protocols, which has free clients/servers.

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