[Dev] BeagleBone final budget to begin GRUB porting for ARMv7

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Tue Nov 3 13:45:45 GMT 2015

On 03.11.2015 15:38, Greg Tomko wrote:
> Quite a few places have the Beaglebone Black between 50 & 60 USD [1] [2]
> [3] [4], a few even have free shipping in that range, Adafruit's
> shipping for that product is not gratis. I think the markup on these can
> get quite extreme if you purchase them locally after it was subjected to
> VAT / import tariffs. I donated the equivalent of $200 figuring while
> the frugal option is preferred, if a higher priced option is more
> practical & less likely to get held in customs I'd rather have the high
> assurance. Don't want to have to purchase twice! :) 

Thanks for the useful info, Greg!

> On the BTC issue, don't want any legal headaches for anyone. Converting
> & depositing the funds should still be enough to cover the purchase,
> even if it isn't as practical. I leave that choice up to the wallet
> owner. Technically though, when you checkout with bitcoin at Adafruit,
> it's being converted to USD based on market rate. Not sure how it will
> be reflected on the receipt, but if it shows USD value, would that help
> from an accounting perspective or no because the originating currency
> was bitcoin? 

For sure it's not a problem the originating currency is BTC. It will,
however, raise the question in the authorities' eyes: where did you have
USD to pay for that product? No bank statement showing you had that
money. Next question from the authorities: do you have a separate
deposit you are not declaring? The answer would be yes, we have a
separate wallet, in BTC. :-P

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