[Dev] BeagleBone final budget to begin GRUB porting for ARMv7

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Tue Nov 3 02:31:20 GMT 2015

Well, since coadde needs a BeagleBone Black to continue GRUB porting for
ARMv7, i've created the final budget with the essential parts needed for it:

* Beaglebone Black Board
* USB to TTL Cable
* Heatsink
* 5V 2A Power Supply

A user from eBay [0] sells a kit that includes all it + 8G TF Card +
Mini USB at U$S 72.10. Otherwise, customs tax is 60% [1] and we should
include it to the budget too.
Therefore, the final budget is:

U$S 72.10 (Beaglebone Black kit)
U$S 43.26 (customs tax)

Total: U$S 115.359

Since eBay accepts PayPal payments and we have a PayPal account [2], we
could transfer the money from Parabola to my mother PayPal account to
buy it and speed up the procedure.


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