[Dev] Let's revert and move changes introduced by bugs #645 and #677 on Iceweasel

Luke g4jc at openmailbox.org
Mon Nov 2 23:45:33 GMT 2015

Arch allows anything, and tons of non-free things from upstream.

I would definately want to make sure a version of IceWeasel continues to
have it disabled for libre and privacy concerns. I currently use the
non-prism edition. That said, if you cannot run your own Hello Server, I
think it is also a non-free addon. Relying on a third-party SaaS is not
the way to go about running free software.

The same could be said about Chromium, many of it's features are only
available as hardcoded locations to google.com. We don't package
Chromium since any attempt to fork it and remove non-free parts is time
intensive and virtually breaks the 'browser'.

It's a good thing that IceWeasel doesn't rely on third-party services,
otherwise we might end up like Debian did with Chromium's
always-on-microphone/plugin backdoor problem.

On 11/02/2015 06:33 PM, Florian Pelz wrote:
> Am I correct in that only Parabola's Iceweasel disables Hello and
> upstream does not? Arch generally tries to stay close to upstream.
> Parabola may want to do so too because it is what users may expect.
> Overriding Iceweasel with a non-Hello Iceweasel in nonprism may or may
> not be justified (see discussion about what criterion, …). Overriding it
> in libre seems unjustified by the libre criteria IIUC and goes against
> some users' wishes and the way it's usually done on Arch. (Unless of
> course that Hello smiley icon is non-free as fauno said in the bug tracker.)
> Of course using Hello still generally is a bad idea.
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