[Dev] Let's revert and move changes introduced by bugs #645 and #677 on Iceweasel

Florian Pelz pelzflorian at pelzflorian.de
Sun Nov 1 16:33:41 GMT 2015

I'm not sure but I think this message did not go to the list?

On 11/01/2015 04:18 PM, Jorge Araya Navarro wrote:
> Sorry guys but it seems to me that `loop.enabled` set to `false` gives users a lot of choice, but wiping everything else too makes me think my only choice is to rebuild Iceweasel or looking for a couple of hours on the Internet for the default values of the options wiped in a effort to enable Firefox Hello and co.
> In my understanding, Free Software cares only about what software the user runs on a machine he can reach with his hands,thus, we shouldn't care if a service X is working on a server running the entire Parabola's black list, that don't affect users freedom, so we shouldn't care.

I'm not a Parabola dev, but trying to understand this:

libre is for free software, so Hello should not be a problem in this
regard. I should not have questioned this and there clearly are reasons
to use only free software but some restrictive services. Sorry.

Then again, some things on the libre blacklist are blacklisted because
of support for Skype / non-privacy search engines / ….

What I want is no SaaSS. Right now the description of nonprism in the
Wiki isn't very clear ("nonprism contains packages provided by the
Parabola community without services under global data surveillance
programs like PRISM.") and I'm not sure its policy is what I want, even
though the de facto changes are what I want.

> SSAS is evil, but if Firefox Hello falls in such category, as some are suggesting, then it seems to me that any XMPP service should too.

For XMPP, you can choose which provider to use, like e-mail. You can
switch to a different provider whenever you want to. You can also host
your own. XMPP is not as restrictive as Hello.

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