[Dev] [Urgent] Mirroring Policy

Daniel Milewski niitotantei at riseup.net
Sun May 31 10:45:18 GMT 2015

> What you quoted was responding to the issue that most of the 
> mirroring
> is pointless load, because most users don't mess with their
> `mirrorlist`, so pacman always just uses the first one, so we might 
> as
> well not have the other mirrors.

This can be solved by making users pick mirrors at the time the system
is installed, together with the tier system. This is how Arch does load
balancing of its mirrors[1]. There are 7 Parabola mirrors at the
moment, so we could set up a three-level hierarchy (with a single Tier
0 mirror, two Tier 1 mirrors and four Tier 2 mirrors.) Even if people
are going to enable all of the Tier 2 mirrors in their mirrorlist, I
think it should be outside of our concern. After all the main goal is
to reduce the load on the repo server.

[1] https://projects.archlinux.org/svntogit/packages.git/plain/trunk/mirrorlist?h=packages/pacman-

Daniel Milewski
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