[Dev] [Urgent] Mirroring Policy

Joseph Graham joseph at t67.eu
Sat May 30 15:24:42 GMT 2015

On 30/05/15 16:03, Icarious wrote:
> With the addition of another mirror to our pool "dgix.ru", I would like to bring to the attention of every volunteer Parabola Mirror hosts and developers a long withstanding issue. Our only primary repository server currently is repo.parabola.nu. The idea of adding a mirror for the distribution is to balance the load between users. However this isn't doing any better and the upstream mirror "repo.parabola.nu" is being over loaded every time someone runs rsync from it. Soon there will be a time when the system will be extremely overloaded and no one would be able to sync from the server. It is my request to every existing + new mirror administrator to consider syncing from other frequently updated mirrors. Something in the lines of `repo.parabola.nu [serving via rsync] ->  Mirror 1 -> Mirror 2 -> User running pacman `. Please keep repo.parabola.nu as free as you can so that the Parabola Project runs smoothly. The server is very important to us. Its where most of the work is done, wh
re we upload packages / ISO's etc. Resources are always limited.
> I would also like to thank mtjm for raising a critical issue related to the same. The above solution only solves 50% of the Problem. We need to randomise mirror selection within pacman itself. Any voluntary help would be appreciated.
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Following the principle of Occam's Razor I propose we remove all mirrors.

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