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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri May 29 22:35:09 GMT 2015

hey, so we're working with tiberiu on the final draft and we agreed on
working our side of the amendments on a pad.

the modifications we discussed in this list are in this pad[^0].  you
can find my changes in blue.  please don't remove the colors or troll
the pad.

at the end of the pad you'll find some discussion about succession of
parabola's delegate.  i think we've discussed several scenarios and it's
unclear to me which one would be better translated into a legal
document.  i've made my comments below each one.

i've also read the text prepared by emulatorman's friend.  while it's a
great contribution and she took a fair amount of work on it (thanks!) i
think it'd be difficult to work with since it hardcodes many things,
like mentioning bitcoin/faircoin as our only way to make transactions,
etc. while the fundamental points are the same as the current draft.

emu, if you think something's missing please say so.  i've added the
mention that parabola is recognized by the fsf as a free system

at this point i think the current draft is more or less finished so
let's avoid making unnecessary changes :)

due date is two weeks from now.

[^0]: https://pad.partidopirata.com.ar/p/Ceata+Parabola

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