[Dev] libretools 20150526 release announcement

Luke Shumaker lukeshu at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 27 00:42:01 GMT 2015

I just released libretools 20150526 to [libre].

Changes from 20150105.1 to 20150526:
 * Documentation improvements; spelling and grammar fixes,
   (consistently) two spaces between sentences.
 * LibreLib:
    * libremessages gained the `whitespace_collapse` command that
      collapses whitespace on standard I/O.
    * libremessages/librexgettext now preserve having two spaces
      between sentences.
    * The libremessages `flag` command now can take multiple flags at
      once, allowing the descriptions to be alligned together (if the
      flags vary in width across tab boundries).
 * libremakepkg:
    - Correctly copy both `~/.gnupg/pubring.kbx` and
      `~/.gnupg/pubring.gpg` into the chroot if they both exist.
      (Inherited from an update to Arch Linux devtools)
    - No longer passes extra arguments through to makepkg.  What this
      meant in practice was that unknown accidental flags weren't
 * librerelease: Don't GPG-sign XBS files (Issue 566).
 * libredbdiff: Fixed formatting of usage output.
 * XBS: 
   * xbs: Document which commands should be used on developer boxes or
     repo, add the `name` and `help` commands, clean up the usage
   * Default `xbs-abs.conf`: Avoid forking.
   * xbs-abslibre:
     - release-server: Don't delete files on all architecures when
       done.  I don't know wh it did that.
     - release-server: Move, not copy, files from staging to
     - Enforce the server-side $ABSLIBREDEST being in the `abslibre`
       format, not `abstree` format.

You see all the XBS changes, and are like "Who cares?  We aren't even
using XBS on the server-side!"  And my response is "Not without these
fixes, we're not."  Following this update, we can update dbscripts to
pass all new Parabola packages through XBS on the server side.
Unfortunately, doing this for packages imported from Arch will take a
little more work.  I expect the Parabola packages work to be deployed
by the end of the week.

Happy hacking,
~ Luke Shumaker

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