[Dev] Broken Source Code management of Arch Repositories

Icarious icarious at hacari.org
Sat May 16 23:50:10 GMT 2015

As we had a discussion few weeks earlier regarding ABS not being up to date and in sync with PKGBUILDs from Arch, I have hereby raised an issue https://labs.parabola.nu/issues/723 . A major part of the Parabola System relies on packages from Arch's repositories [core], [extra] and [community]. Using GIT/SVN to clone PKGBUILDs from upstream Arch cannot be a long standing solution due to their inclusion of non-free software. We must understand that we use a system which is in a major way inclusive of software from Arch and we can't virtually draw a red line when it comes to source code management in terms of "we host complete source code of our packages" defining only packages maintained by the Parabola Community. This needs to be fixed. 

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