[Dev] [proposal] Having a pacman-based distro, stable.

Esteban Carnevale alfplayer at mailoo.org
Fri Mar 20 23:06:40 GMT 2015

Snapshots like the "rollback machine" are available in 
http://alfplayer.com/. Mirrors on my servers and some other systems are 
set to old snapshots to avoid breaking them. I can keep about 5 
months (now there are 3), but I have to purge older snapshots when disk 
usage is too high.

Example to update the configured snapshot:

new_date="$(date -d yesterday +%Y.%m.%d)"
config_file can be set to pacman.conf or mirrorlist

sed -i 's|\
  \(Include|Server\) = .*|\
  Server = '"$base_url"-"$new_date"'/$repo/os/$arch|'\

Esteban Carnevale <alfplayer at mailoo.org>

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