[Dev] [proposal] Having a pacman-based distro, stable.

freaj freaj at riseup.net
Fri Mar 20 09:05:02 GMT 2015

> another idea: make repos date dependent, like arch rollback machine, so
> when i need a single package i don't have to upgrade the whole system
> because dependencies change and other packages can break.
> and, if you have an extremely outdated system you have an upgrade path
> instead of dependency cycles just because a pacman system is unable to
> bootstrap itself.

You just put the problem of stable packages away by doing this.
What if we change upstream from arch to manjaro?

>>"Although Manjaro is one-hundred percent Arch Linux compatible --being based on Arch Linux itself-- it is not possible to access their official repositories for use in Manjaro. Instead, Manjaro uses its own repositories in order to ensure that any software packages that are accessible, such as system updates and applications, have been fully tested and are stable before release."

freaj <freaj at riseup.net>
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