[Dev] Confusion about game data

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Sat Mar 7 20:41:22 GMT 2015

Fabio Pesari <fabio at pesari.eu> writes:

> On 03/07/2015 08:22 PM, Nicolás Reynolds wrote:
>> sure, but do they need to be distributed alongside them?
> Neither do game assets, technically. But I get what you're saying: a
> binary game package without data would be useless, and I agree.
> It would also be useless to keep arguing about this, since we are
> clearly both Free Culture supporters and we both agree that Parabola
> should not distribute the assets. I was just proposing a way to keep
> distributing free software while leaving  the nonfree data out, but
> since you said that Parabola aligns itself with free culture, I think
> the users will understand if some free software will be excluded in
> order to comply with it.
> Still, I'd really like to see as many libre games in Parabola's repos as
> possible.

me too.  i wasn't saying anything final, just stating what solutions
we've found in the past :)

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