[Dev] Confusion about game data

Fabio Pesari fabio at pesari.eu
Sat Mar 7 20:04:59 GMT 2015

On 03/07/2015 08:22 PM, Nicolás Reynolds wrote:
> sure, but do they need to be distributed alongside them?

Neither do game assets, technically. But I get what you're saying: a
binary game package without data would be useless, and I agree.

It would also be useless to keep arguing about this, since we are
clearly both Free Culture supporters and we both agree that Parabola
should not distribute the assets. I was just proposing a way to keep
distributing free software while leaving  the nonfree data out, but
since you said that Parabola aligns itself with free culture, I think
the users will understand if some free software will be excluded in
order to comply with it.

Still, I'd really like to see as many libre games in Parabola's repos as

> in that case i prefer dmytri kleiner's distinction between free software
> and free culture :P
> http://telekommunisten.net/the-telekommunist-manifesto/

That's quite a read, I hope I'll find the time for it later!

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