[Dev] [donations] progress with ceata + decisions to be made

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Mar 6 18:59:26 GMT 2015

> * if we'd like Ceata to provide legal counsel too, we'd need to talk
>   copyright assignments.  i personally like bkuhn's position on this[0]
>   (every contributor is a copyright holder) but it's a decision we need
>   to make collectively.

-1 for any copyright policy other than inbound=outbound with possibly a

>   i think the donations page should thank Ceata for their support and
>   have a short description on their work (and we can do this on a
>   separate page for other kind of supporters, to be fair to them).

+1.  Some people prefer donating to projects where they see that it goes
via a trusted organization.

>   they also proppose we add a "with the fiscal support of Ceata
>   Foundation" suffix to our description on the GNU free distros list[1],
>   but since there's been arguments against before[2] we need to decide
>   on this.

One other distro on the list mentions being sponsored by the FSF (having
servers hosted by them, but it's more impressive without that detail).
It's a question for GNU Webmasters or the FSF Licensing and Compliance
Lab, depending on who makes such decisions there, not for us.
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