[Dev] New packaging standards/policy discussion

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Thu Jul 30 23:35:56 GMT 2015

Icarious <icarious at hacari.org> writes:

>> should we sign pkgbuilds from arch then?
>> -- 
>> .oÓ)
> Ideally we should. But given that its not possible at the moment, the
>least we could do is find a balance between "consistent" source code
>management and security. So as signing git commits "cannot" serve abs
>users, I think its best to use "gpg --verify PKGBUILD.sig PKGBUILD"
>instead of encouraging to use two different source code management
>methods by forcing git "for security".

iirc librerelease signs and uploads pkgbuilds (and other local files) to
repo, what's the current use on that?

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