[Dev] [PATCH] pacman-4.2.1-2.parabola2: convert cron job to systemd timer

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Wed Jul 29 16:03:41 GMT 2015

Daniel Milewski <niitotantei at riseup.net> writes:

> cronie dependency introduced with pacman-4.2.1-2.parabola1 makes it
> impossible to use other cron implementations. This week I saw a user on
> #parabola which couldn't update his system because cronie conflicts
> with cron. Instead of imposing a specific cron implementation I think
> it'd be better to use a systemd timer. Timers are already used by other
> packages like logrotate and man-db.

pacman should depend on "cron" rather than just "cronie"... or it could
be an optional dependency (you have to enable the crond for it to work

where does the output of the timers go?

+1 to the timer and leave cron as optional dependency, i think there's
people that won't use timers but keep using cron.

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