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Sun Jul 19 15:10:10 GMT 2015

aurelien <aurelien at hackers.camp> writes:

> fauno <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> writes:
>> hey, so the final document is here[^0].  we're just waiting on fsf for
>> confirmation on their role as default successor, and then we can sign
>> it!
>> [^0]: https://projects.parabola.nu/ceata-agreement.git
> A last time I present my point of view against money in a projet.
> Just from History, one day Emulatorman comes to Parabola and request me
> to build the kernel, I respond to him something like do it you are free.
> Does that situation could happen tomorrow?
> Doing things for money and doing things for knowledge, change the way
> and waves of minds.
> Friendly.

we haven't reach a consensus on payed developers, so the funds ceata is
going to hold for us are for expenses such as domain names, servers,
hardware, etc.

for what is worth, i understand your point and i've seen it happen a
couple times, and i don't want the presence of money to become relations
based on money instead of relations of friendship, but i think we're due
the point where to be against capitalism, or just against
monetarization, we need to work for free here and let us be exploited
elsewhere so we can survive and have some idle time.

in this respect i think such position naturalizes the homo oeconomicus
neo-liberalism wants us all to believe in.

we need to be able to be free and live off of it.  to me this involves
not being exploited elsewhere for a start, and then not having to bring
back that exploitation where we are free.  i think we can achieve a
point where our friendship can be sustained with common goods and not
just the will and idle time of everyone!

donations are a step forward...  but it also means donors obtain that
money from their own exploitation.

hugs :)

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