[Dev] [donations] [due: 2015-07-10] final draft of agreement between parabola and ceata

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri Jul 10 16:36:12 GMT 2015

fauno <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> writes:

> hi! i've just met with tiberiu and we finished the draft for the
> agreement.  you can read it here![^0]
> if there's no serious problems i think we're ok and we can proceed to
> sign it.
> let's decide before next friday :)
> [^0]: https://pad.partidopirata.com.ar/p/Ceata+Parabola

ok! i see there's only two comments regarding voluntary termination but
i think they're covered by section 7 already.

since no one else spoke up, i'm assuming everyone's ok with this and
tell tiberiu we can proceed with the signing :)

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