[Dev] Iceweasel and AppManager

Distopico Vegan distopico at riseup.net
Mon Jan 19 23:09:07 GMT 2015

I Agree with Jorge, local Storage and appManager is free and emulator not have brand with firefox os like a brand firefoxos, is very standar.

to disable these features do not prevent the use can be activated with two clicks but the question is because you disabling by default?

in parabola repositories living parts of android.. so why iceweasel disable this functionality?

I went user trisquel and my complaint was that modified both based programs to the point that generated more bugs, iceweasel will happen the same, I prefer to use something virgin and wiki tutorials for those who want enabled or disable and not try to find out if I damaged something.

I want a distribution that gives me freedom without cut any software like ubuntu or trisquel.

archlinux modify as little as possible the software and and I like that but archlinux is non-free, if someone wants a safer browser may be constructed and put in noprism, appManager is free and no security issue.

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