[Dev] Reflection on the Relationship of Money and Parabola

Gabriel O. gabriel at epistolr.com
Sun Jan 18 19:03:52 GMT 2015


This is also a personal message, i'm giving my opinion:

This is wrong.

. We are a community keeping a project under the light of the sun. 
Parabola is a community. Everyone who is a part of the community can 
bring something: A thanks, a little help, a program, some hardware, 

. Paying some hackers isn't a bad idea.. But they rely on donations. 
Since we don't need an amount of donation per year to fil under stress, 
if that happens, it won't be a good thing. I remember asking help on 
Trisquel IRC channel (I don't blame anybody, I'm using trisquel too) and 
someone told me I should make a donation and maybe I could consider 
having some help. Welp.

. About representing a community: You can't. They won't represent the 
community because the person in charge of this job doesn't know me, but 
I'm part of the community. We should all agree together to move on, not 
just waiting those 50% of Yes/No. It is not possible.

. As Icarious, I'd love to know the terms of Ceata, since.. there is no 
english page at all on the website.

. I'm helping the community everyday when I say hi, when I try to help 
people, when I'm having fun hacking. I won't help anyone when I'll spend 
money to that fundation, I won't even know for what my money will be 
used for, and if I want my money to be used for that or this.

. In computing, we should control the computer, the computer shouldn't 
control the user, you might know that. We need a free world, a free 
society. I don't want to be used by economy, I want to control economy. 
The economy should be a tool for the human. The human shouldn't be a 
tool for the economy to run. Let's avoid that m0ney as much as we can, 
it will destroy us. Even GNU will have difficulties to close its budget 
for 2015... Please help them close GNU budget for 2015, they need it 
more than the software sleeping on the server waiting to be downloaded.

. Happy hacking. I will help people, not m0ney.

Have fun!

On 01/18/2015 04:19 PM, Icarious wrote:
> Please Note : This is my personal and absolute view on "Ceata's institutional support for Parabola" as a fellow hacker.
> Back in December, when I voiced my concerns regarding Organising Parabola and considering possibilities to accept donations to fund for infrastructure (servers,  domains) and for developers who wish to get paid. I never wished for a change in the social structure how Parabola operates but having an organised approach the way the project works.
> It "may be" one of the options to consider an external organisation which manages the donations for Parabola however I have seen certain problems in the "TERMS" and the tone of talking in "Ceata's institutional support for Parabola".
> 1) As I already mentioned in #parabola,  I am not in favour of an external organisation having a decisive control over the Project just to manage funds.
> 2) External Organisations shouldn't interfere with how the project works. I know a different form of rebuttal will come in the similar lines of "that almost every informal group and
> association have.", "However, it's the word used by most of the projects in collaborations" , "whatever organization you will chose for the institutional
> support for donations and spending, *all* of them will ask you for the structure of your project, the way decisions are taken and the representative(s) to whom can talk.". I am certainly in no mood to see a compromise in the organisational structure of Parabola. I repeat please provide the terms of "Your" organisation instead of referring others, "it's the word used by most of the projects in collaborations".
> 3) Personally, I find it irritating when an organisation is not just proving terms, but also trying to teach and dictate about what's wrong with Parabola, what consensus is, or citing how other organisations would offer the same. Please provide "your" terms and leave it to the Parabola Developers to decide on it.
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