[Dev] Reflection on the Relationship of Money and Parabola

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Sun Jan 18 15:11:02 GMT 2015

Nicolás Reynolds <fauno at endefensadelsl.org> writes:

> Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic <tct at ceata.org> writes:
>> On 18.01.2015 01:36, Nicolás Reynolds wrote:
>>> right, and i also posted some reading material about the consensus
>>> process, iirc including an article entitle "consensus is not unanimity"
>>> :)
>>> http://consensusdecisionmaking.org/Articles/Consensus%20is%20not%20Unanimity.html
>> But the consensus I've noticed you (not only you personally, but other
>> members too) are trying to reach here in the Parabola community is
>> actually unanimity.
> of course we're not perfect!

even though aurelien is being vocal, other people approached me in
private with the same concerns and i encouraged them to express them
here.  even if this doesn't happen people should know this is the
situation... i'm particularly happy, not because of the block, but
because the community feels the unhapinness of some of its members and
decides not to rush things because of it :)

of course the process is not perfect, and can be frustrating, but we
can't rush things and make a decision while we still are deciding how we
feel, collectively, about this issue and if we're happy with it or at
least we can live with it.

my question to all would be then, and just to frame the issue a little,
if you don't want money on parabola, you don't want it at all or you can
live knowing that some people gets a retribution for their work out of
community's solidarity?

i think i can, but i won't be happy if it introduces conflict and
privilege. in any case i think we can have a test run and re-evaluate in
a year, knowing that we can expand the personal retributions scope or
discard it altogether.  it'd be a good and needed experiment!

in reply to people propposing me as representative/king, i'll say i'll
only accept to be a delegate in the terms i described earlier and do my
best for it.  i tend to get tired of responsibilities so i'll try to
share them with anyone who's willing to help me :)

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