[Dev] Reflection on the Relationship of Money and Parabola

Joseph Graham xylon at t67.eu
Sat Jan 17 21:54:40 GMT 2015

On 01/17/2015 09:20 PM, Tiberiu C. Turbureanu wrote:
> On 17.01.2015 22:38, Nicolás Reynolds wrote:
>> i say this because your email feels to me as a "take me to your leader"
>> position which we never contemplated having in the first place :)
> To have a functional democracy it is important the majority can decide
> and members who don't agree can have the freedom to vote "no" and not be
> persuaded (to a point they are being harassed), with the pressure of the
> whole community on them only because they have a different opinion and
> the community can't go in a direction without them agreeing (or only by
> them leaving the community or the community having them excluded as
> members).
> I have proposed you the structure that almost every informal group and
> association have. The General Assembly decides, the Council executes. I
> am not going into that again.
> I asked for a leader/representative/however-you-want-to-call-it not
> because I want some leader to decide instead of the community. If you
> look to my previous e-mails you will see my view is against that. I only
> asked for a leadership structure because it's needed for any
> collaboration. You can't have the responsibility of executing things on
> the community as a whole, because no community member will feel like
> it's her/his responsibility or has the authority to act. If a member
> takes a responsibility and it is granted by the community, that's a
> different story. There is an agreement there.
> Anyway, whatever organization you will chose for the institutional
> support for donations and spending, *all* of them will ask you for the
> structure of your project, the way decisions are taken and the
> representative(s) to whom can talk.
> If you need everyone to vote on every topic (no matter how
> insignificant, like a section on a page) and everyone to vote "yes" for
> the community to go in a direction and everyone to have the
> responsibility of taking action to make something happen, that's not
> going to get Parabola closer to having full-time committed developers to
> deliver best quality possible bleeding edge fully free operating system
> to as many humans in the world.
I propose to elect fauno as representative and king of Parabola.

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