[Dev] Iceweasel and AppManager

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Jan 16 18:50:08 GMT 2015

>> Parabola should promote and support platforms like firefoxOs to
>> stop relying on google and android
> FirefoxOS is nonfree

More details: all devices running FirefoxOS require nonfree software,
FirefoxOS has the same trademark license as Firefox [0] and it
recommends nonfree apps.  We won't "stop relying on [...] android" by
recommending a system that uses the same blobs as Android.

If you want to promote Firefox OS here, do you think a rebranded Firefox
OS Simulator would help us and not have these problems?  How does WebIDE
in newer Firefox change this?

[0] http://jxself.org/mozilla_trademark.shtml
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