[Dev] Contributing to [pcr]

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Fri Jan 16 18:40:24 GMT 2015

> +1 though a pull request is something that only exists in github i
> think?

git has a request-pull command since 2005.  Some tools use the
equivalent term "merge request".

> we can receive patches on this list, but almost no one has
> sendmail(-like) configured on their systems (could be part of such
> contributing guide)

I don't, git send-email can use e.g. SMTP or IMAP.  Some people send
emails via usual clients with attached patches (making review harder).

> you could also host your abslibre.git clone anywhere and ask us to pull
> and review from there, even github though it'd be cool if we didn't have
> to rely on unfree services.

Or we could host an instance of GitLab, Gitorious or other similar

If we decide to prefer patches on the list, we need additional software
to know what state the patches are, so we won't forget them.
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