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Jorge Araya Navarro elcorreo at deshackra.com
Fri Jan 16 18:25:22 GMT 2015

The topic here is to avoid turning off features that aren't non-free, I realize yesterday that localstorage was disabled in the web browser! Users requires that nowdays...

El 16 de enero de 2015 08:32:00 CST, "André Silva" <emulatorman at riseup.net> escribió:
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>On 01/15/2015 02:51 PM, Distopico Vegan wrote:
>> Hi, I have a question about why iceweasel in parabola come with 
>> AppManager disabled default?
>> AppManager is tool for devs in firefoxOs, firefoxOs is better than
>> android in security and dont have big brother google back.
>> Parabola should promote and support platforms like firefoxOs to
>> stop relying on google and android
>FirefoxOS is nonfree
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