[Dev] Contributing to [pcr]

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Fri Jan 16 12:11:18 GMT 2015

Daniel Milewski <niitotantei at riseup.net> writes:

> Since I saw several people (including myself) want to contribute to
> [pcr] while the rules on how to get access to abslibre.git are pretty
> tough (and not codified on the wiki) I thought it'd be better to have an
> official contribution model based on pull requests. Reasons include:
> * Anybody who can use Git can convince a maintainer to include their
> packages.
> * It's better from the security standpoint - does not require
> maintainers to let random people access the repo or (as it's now) deny
> the access entirely.
> * It fits Git better than the current centralized model :).
> I'd like to hear opinion from Parabola maintainers on this.

+1 though a pull request is something that only exists in github i
think? we can receive patches on this list, but almost no one has
sendmail(-like) configured on their systems (could be part of such
contributing guide)

you could also host your abslibre.git clone anywhere and ask us to pull
and review from there, even github though it'd be cool if we didn't have
to rely on unfree services.

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