[Dev] Contributing to [pcr]

Daniel Milewski niitotantei at riseup.net
Fri Jan 16 10:10:45 GMT 2015

Since I saw several people (including myself) want to contribute to
[pcr] while the rules on how to get access to abslibre.git are pretty
tough (and not codified on the wiki) I thought it'd be better to have an
official contribution model based on pull requests. Reasons include:

* Anybody who can use Git can convince a maintainer to include their
* It's better from the security standpoint - does not require
maintainers to let random people access the repo or (as it's now) deny
the access entirely.
* It fits Git better than the current centralized model :).

I'd like to hear opinion from Parabola maintainers on this.

Daniel Milewski
GPG key ID: 8D43A4A1
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