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Mono lists+dev-parabolagnulinux at donderklumpen.de
Tue Jan 13 21:32:25 GMT 2015

Hey Kuba

> My BeagleBone Black is here so I can now test linux-libre. The only
> problem is that I am missing a dependency, linux-libre-api-headers.
I have added linux-libre-api-headers to my repository. You could build it with the cross-compiler the same way as done with linux-libre.

> I have installed Arch on the BeagleBone at the moment.
Actually linux-libre-api-headers contains the exact same files as linux-api-headers provided by Arch Linux ARM. To my knowledge, it is merely the package name that differs and the source being Linux-libre rather than Linux which is downloaded and used for building the package.

> Also, does the linux-libre package also comes with firmware?
This package called linux-libre, as stored in my repository does not add anything to the linux-libre sources. Read its PKGBUILD to verify this for yourself. That means, no, it does not come with TI power management firmware.
There are more differences between this linux-libre package and linux-am33x provided by Arch Linux ARM though. They add a number of patches found here [0] which for instance let the CPU run at 1GHz rather than 700KHz and other things.

greets Mono

[0] https://github.com/RobertCNelson/bb-kernel

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