[Dev] Reflection on the Relationship of Money and Parabola

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Tue Jan 6 16:29:18 GMT 2015

>  - Making donations tax-deductible

Would this help only if many supporters are in the same country as the

> Honestly, I think #3 would be the most valuable.  I'm not sure that
> it's terribly likely that there will ever be a GPL violation on any
> Parabola code.  But I know that if there were, we would be *totally*
> incapable of enforcing the GPL[^0].

I think it's too unlikely for us to get a known GPL violation (that
won't be fixed by just politely asking for the complete and
corresponding source) for this to be needed.  Or are there proprietary
software businesses that distribute distro build scripts without their

> I'm OK with receiving donations that cover expenses.  I think I'd even
> be OK with using donations to employ one of us full-time (though I'm
> skeptical that we would raise even close to enough money to do that).

Same skepticism here.

> And speaking from my own perspective, as nice as it would be to
> receive a cheque; unless it's somehow enough that I can consider
> myself employed by Parabola and avoid getting another job, then it's
> not a very good use of the money.  It wouldn't affect my contributions
> in any way, it wouldn't substantially affect my happiness.


> But, if he's interested, and we go forward with such a plan: I
> nominate fauno.  Other hackers come and go, he's been constant.

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