[Dev] Parabola representative needed for contract w/ Ceata

Tiberiu C. Turbureanu tct at ceata.org
Sat Jan 3 07:01:19 GMT 2015

Happy GNU year, Parabola hackers!

This morning I have received an e-mail from André saying I can start
drafting the contract for Ceata's institutional support for Parabola.

If that's the case, as I stated before, I need to work with a
representative of Parabola, elected by the community, who is willing to
discuss internally about the different aspects of the contract. This is
important to ensure Parabola's independence and contract drafting
efficiency. If I will be discussing the different aspects directly with
a group of 5+ Parabola hackers, chances are that *unwillingly* I
influence your process of decision making. Also, when different voices
say different things, I can't know what is the Paraboa's official
position on the matter. For each matter, I only need the official
position and act upon it.

Can the Parabola community elect a trustful representative at least for
the purpose of drafting the contract? This representative will sign the
contract on behalf of Parabola and will take the responsibility of
ensuring everything in our collaboration is in compliance with the

You also need to think about the way future decisions (on using the
donations) will be made. Usually informal projects (and associations)
have a Council of representatives with an executive role, while the
General Assembly of all officially recognized members has the role of
voting on the matters the Council has the authority to implement.

With foundations it's simpler, usually the Council has both the
decision-making and the executive roles. Internally I will talk with my
colleagues in Ceata's Council and have the vote for each of the major
decisions regarding the contract, so you need not to worry about
addressing directly Ceata's Council.

Tiberiu C. Turbureanu
Președinte, Fundația Ceata

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