[Dev] current expenses

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Wed Feb 18 19:17:43 GMT 2015

> if we were to buy some beaglebones for the arm port, how much would they
> cost?

Converting a price from a Polish shop: 65 USD.  Converting a price from
a random site that looks like a Brazilian shop: 135 USD.  Ask who would
buy them and from where.

> what would be the requirements for a build machine?

An i.MX6 or Tegra SoC, many cores, much RAM, big and fast storage, some
reliable network.  This should be a Parabola ARM target.  (Offtopic: I
can buy several Wandboard Quads for the price of a Novena board.)

> can we build one an
> host it at home or somewhere else?

Measure how much bandwidth we need for updated packages + their sources
+ build logs.

> i have unlimited data transfer at
> 1mb/s, for instance, but no extra machine, and the power service is
> cheap but very unreliable these days.

Add the price of a sufficient UPS, check if that bandwidth is
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