[Dev] current expenses

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Wed Feb 18 17:58:32 GMT 2015

what are our current expenses?  alfplayer tells me the parabola.nu
domain costed $32usd for 2 years last time.  a .org domain is $11usd/y
according to name.com, so we have $27usd/y in domain names.

is that correct?

we're currently not paying anything for our current server, but i'm
checking our current data transfer usage to see how much would be have
to if we need to.

is there anything else i'm forgetting about?

if we were to buy some beaglebones for the arm port, how much would they

what would be the requirements for a build machine?  can we build one an
host it at home or somewhere else?  i have unlimited data transfer at
1mb/s, for instance, but no extra machine, and the power service is
cheap but very unreliable these days.

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