[Dev] Propposal for donations infrastructure

Icarious icarious at hacari.org
Sun Feb 8 00:49:02 GMT 2015

> we have it (more servers, buying hardware for porting, hacker
> remuneration, etc.).  For this, we propose a two bucket approach: fill
> the current expenses bucket first, whose money goes to fund operations
> only, and then a second bucket for solidarity purposes, that's spent
> according to community consensual decisions once we have enough to cover
> operations comfortably.


> Since Ceata needs a person to talk to in behalf of Parabola, we propose
> that me (fauno) act as Parabola delegate for the first year.  Several
> people have already agreed to this and even proposed it in the first
> place.  After this period the delegation will rotate to another person.
> If the community is not happy with my work as delegate, we can rotate
> the delegation at any time.


I have discussed about the possibility of a community consensus decided representative / delegate with Emulatorman. A yearly rotation and eligibility for a rerun of Delegate should be discussed by the community every year. My proposal for the upcoming Parabola delegate would be "Emulatorman". But he is already tasked with maintaining, fixing, updating many packages and his technical contributions to ensure user freedom has been priceless over the years. I'm freeing him off with "Delegation / Management duties" to let him do what he loves doing :). The second most favoured choice to me is "fauno". He has been there since the beginning of my time with Parabola and has been active regarding voicing opinions. I support "fauno" to take over the role as the first Parabola Delegate and wish him luck.

P.S : I suggest an oath taking ceremony on #parabola by swearing on the GPL whenever a Delegated takes up the role :P.


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