[Dev] Propposal for donations infrastructure

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Sat Feb 7 16:39:36 GMT 2015

Last wednesday Emulatorman, hellekin and I met at HackLab Barracas[^1]
and we talked about a propposal for receiving donations.

To make this more dynamic, I proppose you express your concerns as
patches to this document so we don't end up in endless discussions.  And
if you agree, just put a +1 :)

TL;DR: The main idea is that we setup the needed infrastructure for
receiving donations through the help of Ceata and aim to cover our
current expenses (domain, server, etc.) for the next years.  We can
discuss and decide by consensus what use will the extra money have once
we have it (more servers, buying hardware for porting, hacker
remuneration, etc.).  For this, we propose a two bucket approach: fill
the current expenses bucket first, whose money goes to fund operations
only, and then a second bucket for solidarity purposes, that's spent
according to community consensual decisions once we have enough to cover
operations comfortably.

Since Ceata needs a person to talk to in behalf of Parabola, we propose
that me (fauno) act as Parabola delegate for the first year.  Several
people have already agreed to this and even proposed it in the first
place.  After this period the delegation will rotate to another person.
If the community is not happy with my work as delegate, we can rotate
the delegation at any time.

# Operations bucket

* List on the wiki all the current expenses and donations we have
  --domain name, server(s), etc.-- with their respective costs if any.

* Plan a budget for the next years to cover these costs and anything
  we're missing today --build server, arm hardware...

# Solidarity bucket

In the case that we receive more money than we need to cover operations,
it'll go to a second bucket, over which we'll discuss and decide by
community consensus in what way we want to spend or share it :)

# Accountability

Any money going in and out of Parabola's buckets need to be published on
the wiki, and any transactions from the solidarity bucket discussed and
agreed upon by the community beforehand.

Also, every discussion about this needs to happen publicly on the
mailing list, and decisions documented on the wiki.

# Cryptocurrencies

We can also create wallets in several cryptocurrencies to receive
donations and make transactions directly.  Just a thought :)

# Relationship with Ceata

If the offer made by Ceata is still up, fauno will act as a delegate of
the Parabola community with them for the first year.  The delegation
tasks will be:

* Drafting a contract with Ceata, describing our mutual relationship,
  responsibilities and obligations, and the mechanisms for receiving
  donations and making payments in behalf of us.  Such draft will have
  to be aproved by the Parabola community, and negotiations will be
  transparently published on dev at lists.parabola.nu.

* Be in communication with them and make sure decisions are made in a
  timely manner.

After a year, we'll have to decide on another person to act as delegate.
We can also decide before the year ends, so the current delegate can
train the new one without exceeding his mandate (and burning out in the

If the community is not happy with the delegate's work, the delegate's
mandate is immediately revoked and a new one must replace her/him.

The important thing is that the donation infrastructure is setup and
working soon enough!

[^1]: http://wiki.hackcoop.com.ar

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