[Dev] Ideas for Parabola at FISL17

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Thu Dec 31 20:01:16 GMT 2015

On 31.12.2015 21:33, fauno wrote:
> André Silva <emulatorman at riseup.net> writes:
>> However, I can say that my hometown is more expensive than Porto Alegre
>> :P but don't worry, i'm not eating much, therefore i don't need a lot of
>> money :)
> no no, please make it part of your expenses!

Guys, please remember we need bills for every expense and for food it's
sometimes hard to get a bill if you buy it from an impromptu store (this
is usually the case at events) or even when you go in a pub or
restaurant, it's harder to get an individual bill for the things only
you ordered if you go with a group (and usually this is the case at events).

For the approved expenses you make on-site and for which you have bills,
you need to pay upfront from your own pocket and afterwards be refunded
by Ceata using PayPal. This involves two PayPal exchange rates (from RON
to USD and from USD to your currency), and possibly transfer and
withdraw fees.

Also, for train/airplane tickets, please contact me first. Don't buy the
tickets yourselves. The best accounting practice is for me to pay online
with Ceata's credit card, once the passenger details have been filled by

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