[Dev] Ideas for Parabola at FOSDEM

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Thu Dec 31 16:14:16 GMT 2015

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic <tct at ceata.org> writes:

> On 18.12.2015 00:09, Joseph Graham wrote:
>> On 17/12/15 21:52, Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic wrote:
>>> We are late for a Parabola booth, but maybe we can still have Parabola
>>> represented at FOSDEM. Will any Parabola hacker be attending FOSDEM 2016?
>> Mtjm and Aurelien should go. I have no money and I don't use Parabola
>> anymore.
> At least three Ceata members will be attending FOSDEM, to happen in the
> last days of January 2016. Will any Parabola hacker be attending at
> Europe's biggest free software event, in Brussels?

i'm willing to go if someone pays my plane tickets :P

> Traditionally, Ceata participates at FSFE booth, but we didn't ask them
> yet because we wanted to join with you guys and help promote Parabola.


> Do you know if Arch is going to have a booth at FOSDEM? If so, can you
> ask them to accept one Ceata member or Parabola hacker to be all times
> at their booth, showcasing Parabola on a T400 laptop? Tehnoetic can

they usually do, but we don't have much contact with them.  i'll be
reading arch-dev-public@ in case they announce something.

> provide one. And maybe in January we can use a small amount of the money
> in the Parabola fund at Ceata to make Parabola stickers to raise
> donations for Parabola at FOSDEM?

+1 to stickers.  i made some with only the parabola logo but they don't
look nice because they're too small.  maybe something saying parabola or
some slogan?


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