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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Wed Dec 30 15:20:40 GMT 2015

Hi! On behalf of Parabola GNU/Linux-libre, I would like to request your
sponsorship for a 1-year renewal for our domain name registered at
Gandi, parabola.nu.

Parabola is a project to create and distribute a free as in freedom
version of Arch GNU/Linux, providing only free software.  We started
working on this in 2009 and we haven't stopped since.  Our community is
small but growing!

For being a fully free GNU/Linux distribution, Parabola is endorsed by
the Free Software Foundation:

What sets Parabola apart is that it's the most up-to-date and the only
one to support ARM architecture from the list of fully free

Similar to Gandi, we take a different approach and we believe in
alternatives. This is why we package only freedom-respecting software in
our operating system, to offer an Arch replacement to users concerned
about their freedom and privacy.

We chose to use the parabola.nu domain name since it's short (it
previously was parabolagnulinux.org!) and the .nu TLD is a play/hack on
GNU.  But this TLD is expensive for us and we've always depended on
people willing to donate the money.

Would you be so kind as to sponsor us with this?  We'll publish a news
post on our main site thanking you :)

We'd appreciate an answer from you before January 10 2016, which is 1
day shy of our domain registration expiration date.


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