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fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Mon Dec 28 20:37:25 GMT 2015

Isaac David <isacdaavid at isacdaavid.info> writes:

> fauno, is there a way to accomodate arm?
> Indeed the snipet is very simple and I think I understand it, but I 
> don't actually _know_ nginx config and wouldn't know how to move from 
> there.

if arm repositories follow the same repo structure, you could create a
new map block with arm mirrors but the variable would be called

then, from the server block, add something like

    location ~ /.*/os/armv7h/ {
      try_files $uri $uri/ @arm_upstream;

    location @arm_upstream {
      return 302 $arm_upstream$request_uri;

the regex could need some testing though.  if the repo structure is not
the same (iirc de arm-sync script re-structures them) some kind of url
rewriting would need to take place.

> This would certainly pose a bandwidth usage increase to those mirrors, 
> but that doesn't make Parabola liable in any sense. Mirror owners 
> should understand that they are serving freely distributable software, 
> publicly on the Internet; and they must take the risk of their service 
> being used in ways they never imagined, like serving packages for an 
> Arch derivative and not Arch. Asking them is a good idea even if only 
> to avoid mirrors that would otherwise feel uncomfortable, for the sake 
> of politeness, not because we would actually need to apologise.

i think this too

> I don't even think we would be risking mis-servicing our users, would 
> we? They could hardly try to identify requests coming from Parabola 
> users and ban them.

unless we change pacman's user-agent i guess

selfdandi: https://vqfe4xmhxzi7w2uv.onion.to/
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