[Dev] mirror redirector!

fauno fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Sun Dec 27 16:23:06 GMT 2015

so, i've talked about this idea for a few years now, but never really
got to do it, until now :P



what it does is serve local files directly and redirect unknown requests
to an arch mirror using the last second of request time as "random"

so, if we just host the cleaned up database files and our packages,
everything else will be redirected to a public arch mirror.  load is
balanced between mirrors.


* /core/os/i686/core.db.tar.gz: must exist in cleaned up format to be
  served locally

* /libre/os/i686/libre.db.tar.gz: exists and is served locally

* /core/os/i686/random_package.pkg.tar.xz: redirected to arch mirror

* /core/os/i686/unfree_package.pkg.tar.xz: never requested because it's
  not on the cleaned up database.

this is just a proof a concept, do not use!  it can be safer, for
example never issuing redirects for database files, so if they're
missing for some reason, people doesn't get an update full of unfree

what do you think?  this would save a lot of mirroring space we could
use for other stuff, but i'm not sure if it qualifies as "fully hosted"
as per FSDG.

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