[Dev] Open marketplace for independent game creators Itch.io is willing to work with the FSF (was Fwd: Re: [itch] Allow filtering games by source code and asset licenses (#222))

Jorge Araya Navarro elcorreo at deshackra.com
Mon Dec 21 20:31:22 GMT 2015

Hello, again!

So, somehow this didn't turned out to be a "damn hippies and their begging for free things" case
were Free Software is relegated to the sphere of nonsense. I was talking with Amos Wenger[1], one of
the two guys behind Itch.io, and he says he want to "give back to the [Free Software] community"
regarding to my proposition of allowing packager maintainers of Free System Distributions to make
the Itch app hide non-libre games from the platform, just as we do with non-free software in our
software repositories!.

They actually allowed developers to specify which software and asset licenses use their games[2],
which makes things easy for the Itch developers and grant our request in pro of software
freedom. Hopefully having Itch as an allied will show game developers that is possible to respect
user's freedom while living out of their work.

As this moment, I want to contact someone at the Free Software Foundation and include them in the
conversation with Amos and Corcoran. I'm don't know about all the details necessary to assure that
Itch app will not violate its user's freedom by accident or omission, and also because only these
two big players can work together and come up with something that will encourage game developers to
release their games as Free Software. How can I effectively contact the FSF?

[1]: https://github.com/itchio/itch/issues/222
[2]: https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/7998310/11929120/b4e57b5a-a7d8-11e5-841c-a23341e20ea9.png
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