[Dev] Forward: [GANDI] parabola.nu expires in 31 days must be renewed before 2016-01-07 14:00

Tiberiu-Cezar Tehnoetic tct at ceata.org
Sun Dec 13 17:27:12 GMT 2015

On 13.12.2015 16:35, fauno wrote:
> please send a way for tiberiu to send you the money and how much is
> it...

I will need a temporary password of Parabola's account at Gandi so I can
pay with Ceata's credit card. We aren't allowed to transfer money to
individuals without a copyright assignment or employment contract.

Before giving me the temporary password, it would be easier for me to
have the order all set-up by you, only the last step (payment) to be
completed by me.

Also, have you heard of NameSilo.com? They seem ethical in many aspects.

For instance, they offer domain holder privacy at no extra costs. See
`whois tehnoetic.com' (I moved 4 domains tehnoetic.* to NameSilo this
year). They don't have hidden costs and they don't charge more next time
the domain registration expires. They have way better prices than others
(Gandi and GoDaddy included). They even use free JS scripts on their
in-house developed website, only they fail to mark it properly so
LibreJS recognize it as free software (I intend to send them a request
to mark it). However, they have a big minus on privacy running Google
Analytics script on user browser.

But Gandi has this big minus too, they also use Google Analytics in
their pages. And at first look, Gandi runs lots of proprietary JS code
originally developed or modified by them.

Ceata.org and other Ceata domains will probably move to NameSilo too.

Even though your domain registration is expiring, you are allowed by
regulations (and Gandi) to transfer away the domain to other registrars
(like NameSilo.com). For how to do this:


If you decide to transfer your domain to NameSilo, you might want to use
a discount coupon I can create for you if I join the affiliate program
(something that I consider doing, because I like NameSilo).

Either way, I need order + temporary password to complete the order by
paying by credit card Gandi, NameSilo or some other registrar you
decide, if you would like to move away from Gandi.


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