[Dev] Server Concerns

Michał Masłowski mtjm at mtjm.eu
Thu Dec 10 12:10:17 GMT 2015

Current status: Mailman admin interface was not working due to
insufficient disk space.  I compressed one of the old PostgreSQL

>> We have several old backups of this data, for various PostgreSQL
>> versions and architectures.
> are these backups the extra ~3G?

We need a clear policy of which backups to keep and where.

>> MySQL doesn't have such backups; I don't know its root password and I'm
>> not interested in resetting it again.
> i'm making experiments with backupninja, i'll come back with more info
> later on.

Any info?

Could we setup some monitoring tools to detect such issues earlier?
Also the usual wiki availability problems.  (I'm personally interested
in Shinken, but I don't have experience with these.)
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