[Dev] Ideas for Parabola at FISL17

André Silva emulatorman at riseup.net
Wed Dec 9 08:09:52 GMT 2015

Hi Parabolers,

Fórum Internacional do Software Livre (FISL) (International Free
Software Forum) is considered one of the world´s largest free software
events sponsored by Associação Software Livre.Org (Free Software
Association) in my native country Brazil. It takes place every year in
Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande Do Sul, the southernmost state
of Brazil. Associação Software Livre.Org is a Brazilian NGO that, among
other goals, seeks the promotion and adoption of free software.

I propose Parabola applies for a joint Parabola+Ceata+GNU
Linux-libre+GNU Solidario stand to sponsoring this event, also make a
conference between us. We can then try to get help and raise funds for
needed things that could be the following points:

* A old laptop: since i use just desktop computers, i need a one to make
a conference in Portuguese, show to the public our Parabola's slide
presentation based on community contribution from our wiki [0]
There's a beta slide presentation created by coadde from LibreOffice
Impress [1] based on contribution made from the wiki, it's incomplete
and need more work, also i've plans to translate it to Portuguese in the
next week. crazytoon said me that could create more cartoons to improve
it. In addition, i would make a demonstration to the public how to
maintain packages in Parabola to motives new hackers participate on our
distro and demonstrate to the public how to Parabola works.
Therefore, if somebody have a old laptop that isn't not using and works
well (it can be without HDD and/or optical disc drive) or donate money
around 70~120 dollars to buy a used one in Argentina, i would be very
grateful. Otherwise, i have a friend that has plans to travel from
Europa to Uruguay in January, then we could buy a used old laptop on
that continent for better price than Argentina (eg. under 50 dollars)
and he could wear it when he goes travel. If somebody could looking for
a cheap used old laptop in that continent or have a new better idea or
way to get a used old laptop in another place, please let us know.

* Tickets: I'm brazilian, however i'm living outside of my country (now
i'm in Uruguay and sometimes in Argentina), then i need tickets to
travel to Porto Alegre. Since Montevideo is neared than Buenos Aires to
travel to Porto Alegre, i prefer travel from Montevideo, and the round
trip ticket costs 167 dollars [2].

* Payments concerning the travel (eg. food, hotel, etc). I don't know if
hotel is needed for this case since FISL give a gratis place to stay
there thought, i need get info about it, maybe we could ask to Alexandre
Oliva who participated on previous FISL events. I suggest get funds
around 150 dollars for theses costs and the extra money after the event
should come back to our fund again. New ideas are welcome here too.

* Parabola+Ceata+GNU Linux-libre+GNU Solidario stand to sponsoring FISL:
We need get info about it when Associação Software Livre.Org will open
the stand vacancy for the FISL17 event.

* Conference: Alexandre Oliva made some conferences at FISL16
[3][4][5][6], then i would propose make a conference together him, Luis
Falcón and Tiberiu to talk about our distro based on community
contribution material made from our wiki [0], our official fiscal
sponsorship Ceata and its fundation [7], our new support for ARMv7
architectures [8], GNU Solidario and GNU Health and GNU Linux-libre. New
ideas? What do you think about it?

* Our official mascots: Parabola is not just free software advocate
because defend the freedom speech in the culture too. We have our
official mascots GNU [9] and Bola [10] created by our hackers coadde
[11] and crazytoon [12] and it could be presented in this event too.
They have plans to make a animatic/animation (inspired on Star Trek)
about ARM and that GNU and Bola are arriving to ARM Planet from their
spaceship. Their mission is put the freedom flag there. They need
musicians hackers for it, also enthusiasts for the english-speakers
voices. They have plans to begin it around January, if somebody would
join on it, please let us know.

* Material about health and support for blind and visually impaired
users: GNU Solidario works globally, delivering health and education to
the underprivileged by means of Free Software. GNU Health is a
Free/Libre project for health practitioners, health institutions, etc.
Parabola supports this great project from PCR repo [13], also we have
TalkingParabola that is a respin of the Parabola ISO modified to include
speech and braille output for blind and visually impaired users [14] We
could create some videos/tutorials about how gnuhealth and
TalkingParabola works in Parabola and help people around the world. If
somebody can help us on it, please let us know.

* Promotion materials: stickers, buttons, <add you idea here>, etc are
all welcome and needed to disseminate it around the event.

Note: We should print all purchase invoices concerning the event about
Parabola and send to our distro to keep transparency.

Parabola is adhocratic in its essence and each decision/suggestion is
made under consensus by the community. New ideas, suggestions are welcome!

Happy hacking!!


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